We organize galas and events.

MW has helped plan numerous Opening Night and Gala events for Broadway shows, celebrities, and nonprofits for 30 to 2,000 people with budgets from $800 to $500,000. NYC venues are constantly changing and the personal touch is needed to get the right deal at the right time for the right people. Security must be combined with an environment of warmth and celebration. MW knows that your event should be "one of a kind."

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MW has helped put together star-studded celebrations for many Tony Award winning shows including A Chorus Line, The Grapes of Wrath, Beauty and the Beast, The Pirates of Penzance, The Mystery of Edwin Drood.
MW managed Village People's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony and after-party.

From my earliest days working in the general manager's office at the N.Y. Shakespeare Festival, Iearned how to negotiate and write contracts "in plain English!"  Famed producer Joseph Papp told us that he didn't want to scare away the talent, meaning that all contracts needed to be easily understood while being legally complete. This principle was used when writing booking agreements for touring artists/clients including Village People, Karen Mason, Glamazons, and Sir Ari Gold. Entertainment attorneys check our work, and we pride ourselves in avoiding all conflicts because all parties understand what they're signing.

We wrote the books about management.
Artist clients Village People performing in
front of 110,000 fans at UK's Bestival
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(L to R): Karen Mason, Sir Ari Gold, The Glamazons.