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We are active participants

MW doesn't require a recommended playwright to fill out forms and wait for months for a response. Often we decide on a commission arrangement within 1 week of reading a writer's sample and proposed concept for a new show. Zoom and live readings are scheduled, deadlines are set, and weekly meetings assure that every show has a chance to become an asset to our cultural landscape. 

Tony Award marquee.jpg
MW has helped put together star-studded celebrations for many Tony Award winning shows including A Chorus Line, The Grapes of Wrath, Beauty and the Beast, The Pirates of Penzance, The Mystery of Edwin Drood.
MW managed Village People's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony and after-party.

We help our writers. Award winning plays aren't born ready for Broadway. Even the best writers need long-term feedback and the chance to rewrite, hear and see their work read by great actors, critiqued by a varied and experienced team and then revised again and again. So... we pay for the costs of development through an extended period of rewrites and readings. We become the writer's team of dramaturgs, supporters, and critics. The writer grows, the script improves, and ultimately we all benefit with an amazing play or musical.

We wrote the books about management.
Artist clients Village People performing in
front of 110,000 fans at UK's Bestival
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Free podcast (see above) is available wherever you get your podcasts... and free book updates are available with our partners at
(L to R): Karen Mason, Sir Ari Gold, The Glamazons.
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