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a project of MW Entertainment Group
(since June 2019)

        The FARM's mission is to develop new plays and musicals as a resource for theatrical producers and theater-producing entities.
        The age of COVID-19 has presented us all with many challenges. Smaller theaters, especially non-profits that support new works, are struggling to find monies to reopen their doors. Some have closed their doors permanently. Many of these producing organizations are backlogged with productions they contracted before the pandemic.  
        The FARM sees this challenge as an excellent opportunity to work with writers to ready their work for production once live audiences and theaters feel safe to return to full seasons.

Currently, we have commissioned six (6) plays and three (3) musicals, growing tall among the crops at The FARM (We Grow Theater!). Proposals for commission are

HOW WE WORK: In addition to a commission fee, we hire (at no cost to the writers) noted directors, musical directors, and professional actors, with multiple presentations (zoom and live) leaving time for significant rewrites. Eventually, the work is presented in front of invited producers and producing organizations. Unlike other commissions where the playwright gets one final reading where the theater determines if the results are worth a full production, The FARM's process has numerous scheduled deadlines and readings for the writer to do revisions. Only then do we invite producers and theaters to see the "finished" work.

The FARM's staff of experienced professionals includes two casting directors, one press representative, two general managers, one editor/dramaturg/actor, and one network-television producer, all of whom maintain relationships with Broadway producers, investors, and regional theaters across the nation.

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Click on the musical note icon below for
info about The Farm's musicals, and the star note icon
for info about all of The Farm's shows in development.

Core Staff for The FARM:

Harrison Lee, Ellyn Long Marshall, Kevin McAnarny, Maria Nelson, David Michaels, Maria DiDia & Mitch Weiss.

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Founding Sponsors:

MountainWest IRA Inc., Randall & Ann West,

Ron Raines, Lilbit Productions Inc.,

Amy Schachter, Rachel & Dan Gozhansky.

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